Wednesday, February 15, 2012

New Blog Venture, 'Cause a Girl's Gotta Catch a Break

I realized I hadn't blogged for almost 6 months. Dang. My poor Yellow Brick Road is stuck under remodeling and is probably quite dusty. So here's a small update.

Aside from a hiatus to get hitched, starting a new gig, and traveling gorgeous Europe for a bit, I got into a new blog team venture over at Wordpress (I still sorta love you, Blogspot). It's a joint blog with two of my very good friends and writers Lao Minnesotans, Danny Khotsombath and of course, Guru Bryan Thao Worra. It's called Little Laos on the Prairie!

It features stories, news, and culture from all things Lao, Midwest, and just simple hilarity. So if you're wondering where the heck I went, well, just know I'm alive over at Little Laos on the Prairie. Check it, follow it, and show us some love.